Policies & Guidelines

Lesson Conduct: Regular and punctual attendance is expected. Students should come
prepared for lessons. Students and parents should refer to the assignment book regularly.
Please wash your hands prior to lessons and wait quietly in the waiting area until your lesson
time. Extremely early arrivals and/or late departures are to be avoided.

Group Classes: Group Classes replace regular lessons during Group Class Week. Register by
phone, email or in person no later than two weeks prior to a scheduled class. Students can
switch to another group class (space permitting) by providing at least 24 hours' notice. Limit
six (6) students per class.

Missed Lessons: Teacher absences, as well as student absences due to family emergencies,
illness, extreme weather conditions will be rescheduled to one of the Make-up Lesson
Saturdays or an available spare. Students absent from school due to illness are asked to please
NOT attend lessons and instead schedule a make-up.

Make-up Lessons: A total of three (3) lessons will be made up for whatever reason with
notification of at least three (3) hours before lesson time. Time missed due to tardiness or
lessons missed without prior notice will NOT be made up. Families are responsible for
scheduling make-up lessons with the studio during one of the Make-up Lesson Saturdays or an
available spare. Any lessons not claimed by the end of the school year will be deemed forfeit.

Lesson Swaps: After three (3) make-up lessons have been granted, arrange a lesson swap
with another student to avoid missing additional lessons. No make-up lesson will be given if
any confusion arises from a lesson swap. Should two students arrive at the same time, the one
who “owns” the time slot will be taught, unless both parties agree to a change.

Parental Involvement: Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons as an observer or to wait in
the waiting area. For young beginners (5 – 7 years old), one parent should attend lessons to
better assist with at-home practice. Please remind your child of regular practice and help them
schedule this time in their weekly routine. Practice charts can be useful in monitoring practice
time. Please communicate any questions or concerns you may have to the teacher, such as
student progress, attitude, practicing or lesson content.

Practicing: Students are expected to practice regularly in order to make consistent progress.

Privacy: The teacher will NOT sell your contact information to a third party without your
consent. Your phone number will be shared via Swap List with other students within the studio.

Referral Program: Current students will receive a $10 gift certificate to Long & McQuade in
Calgary for every new student registration they refer.

Registration Fee: The annual Registration Fee is non-refundable and is used to secure your
lesson slot.

Studio Dismissal: The Studio reserves the right to deny an application or terminate a
students' registration at any time due to lack of student progress as a result of poor practice
habits and/or attitude, abuse of studio equipment or if the teacher feels the student is better
suited to another teacher, instrument or activity.

Termination: One month's written notice is required if withdrawing prior to June. Students
may take lessons up to the final date of termination.

Tuition: Tuition does not include music books/supplies, audition, testing or competition fees.
Fees are raised commensurate with cost-of-living increases on a yearly or biennial basis. These
are standard practices among most teachers. Tuition will not be adjusted, discounted or
refunded for any reason. The completed Registration Form and Registration Fee are required to
hold a lesson slot. All post-dated cheques are due before the first lesson of the school year.
Failure to submit tuition by the first lesson will result in a suspension of lessons until payment
is rendered. Lessons missed during the suspension period are forfeited. Children's Arts Tax
Credit Receipts will be available at the start of the 2013 calendar year.